• Pallet MIX A/B Swing Decker Scooter SU1483

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Condition of the product: A, B. There are a new, not used  items on pallet in original packaging. There may be minor defects or items of incomplete (for example, the remote control or nuts in the set are missing).

Pallets sold on average 26% of the retail price.

Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm the availability of a specific pallet.

Unfortunately, we don't deliver overseas! Only self pick up from our warehouse in Poland.

List of goods on the pallet and suggested retail price:


SU1483 84A-074 SWING CHAIR 1 185,9
SU1483 431-040GN Playpen,Safety Play Yard 1 86,9
SU1483 801-114 Mobile storage shelf 1 64,9
SU1483 330-006 Children Rocking Horse 1 52,9
SU1483 84B-184V01BK Cushion folding lounge 1 120
SU1483 53-0017 Kids Stunt Scooter 1 107,9
SU1483 851-004 Sensor Bin 1 67,9
SU1483 A90-103 Power Plank 1 69,9