• Palette MIX A/B SU0199 Sports and Garden Equipment

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Palette MIX A/B SU0199 Sports and Garden Equipment

Goods in the A / B category, i.e. brand new in original packaging. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that some items may have minimal traces of use or slight depletion in the form of, for example, no screws, remote control.

From 5 to 10% of the items may have a different color and model than the one shown in the photos.

Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm the availability of a specific pallet.

Please make a thoughtful purchase, the pallet is not returnable.

Unfortunately, we don't deliver overseas! Only self-pick up from our warehouse in Poland.

List of pallet items and suggested market price in euro:

SU0199 A91-080 hanging boxing and Pull-up stand frame with punching bag 1 € 273,90
SU0199 A90-229 Recumbent Bike 1 € 234,90
SU0199 84B-540GY Lounger 1 € 149,90
SU0199 84B-183 WAGON WHEEL CHAIR 1 € 99,90
SU0199 84B-184BN Folding lounge 1 € 79,90
SU0199 D51-090 rabbit cage 1 € 72,90
SU0199 833-357BK chair 1 € 69,90
SU0199 A90-128 Stepper 1 € 69,90
SU0199 84B-388CG Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy with cup holder 1 € 64,90
SU0199 D51-162 Hamster cage 1 € 57,90
SU0199 831-037BK Storage Bookcase 1 € 54,90
SU0199 03-2026 Sensor Dustbin 1 € 49,90
SU0199 A62-024 Soccer goal 1 € 34,90
SU0199 AA0-064 bike rack 1 € 24,90